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BallyHoo Do It Yourself
BallyHoo Do It Yourself

Points to Consider

OPTION ONE: buying balloons already inflated You can buy the balloons for your décor ready inflated, saving you time and effort and the worry of dealing with helium gas. Also we will inflate them all to the correct size, which can be difficult for people without the full equipment. Each balloon will be attached to a ribbon, but it will be up to you to transport them to your venue and then arrange them.

When can I collect the balloons?
The balloons will have to be collected on the day you want to use them, and the closer to the time of the event the better. If you can't collect them on the day and have to collect them the day before, they will need to be treated with hi-float and you will have to order some 'spares' as treated balloons are more fragile. We are open 9.00 – 5.30 weekdays, and 10.00 – 4.00 on Saturdays.

How can I transport them?
Balloons can not be 'squashed in' and are vulnerable to punctures so you need to have an uncluttered car or van, preferably without back seat passengers. Please don't ask passengers to hold the balloons in front of them as a balloon bursting in the face is not funny. We recommend putting the balloons in the back seat rather than in the boot. It only takes a slight bit of wind to make it difficult to get the balloons in or out of a boot, and there's always the risk that they will be off and away as soon as the boot is opened. We will slip-tie the balloons to a temporary weight, but slip-knots are more likely to come undone in a boot because the ribbons will not be under tension. In the back seat, the weight will rest in the foot-well and the balloons will float over the back seat. Remember to only open one door at a time otherwise the wind, however slight, will make it difficult to control the balloons. If you have a van or very large car, you could bring bin liners for the balloons. They take up a lot more space as a normal size bin liner will only hold 3 latex balloons and once in a bag, they can not move relative to each other. If you do have a van, you could bring a duvet for the balloons if you want.

How do I weight the balloons?
If you don't want to make your own weights, our pretty gift bag style balloon weights hold down up to 10 latex balloons. You just tie the ribbons to the handle of the bag. And we have some other types of weights as well which are just as simple to use.

How do I order the balloons?
We have 1000s of balloons in our balloon studio and can normally supply you from stock, so don't feel the day before is too late (though we appreciate longer notice if possible). We take payment with order and you can pay by credit/debit card over the phone or you can call in to pay (which has the advantage that you can see the colours of the balloons). We do need to know an approximate time of collection; then we can blow up your balloons just before you come. Your balloons will be as fresh as possible, but you won't have had to hang around while we do them. If you don't know what time you'll be coming when you place the order, you can always ring up later, even on the morning of the collection day, and let us know. If you are only wanting a few balloons, you can just pop in and we can blow them up while you wait.

OPTION TWO: hiring a balloon gas cylinder You can hire a cylinder of balloon gas and fill the balloons yourself, which will be a cheaper option for large numbers of balloons, but you will have the hassle of blowing them all up just before the event. If you want 50 balloons or fewer, hiring or buying a cylinder of balloon gas will actually be more expensive than buying them already inflated, but it still might be the best option if your event is not local or you can't collect balloons on the day.

Can I buy a disposable balloon gas cylinder?
You will see disposable gas cylinders for sale claiming to fill 50 balloons. This means 50 x 9" balloons and you're not likely to want such small balloons unless they are for children to play with. For most purposes, you want to use 11" or 12" balloons and the same cylinder will only fill 20-21 balloons to that size. We have heard of so many complaints (especially re ebay) because this point is not made clear to customers. However, there will be occasions when a disposable cylinder is the best option and we do have them for sale.

How do I hire a cylinder of balloon gas?
We offer two types of cylinder for hire, and we will advise you which one is most suitable for you. When you call in we will explain how to use the cylinder and go through the safety sheet. The standard hire is for a maximum of 14 days. If you need to keep it longer, extended hire is £5 a week. You will need to leave a deposit for the cylinder and pressure valve which you will get back in full when you return them undamaged.

Is a cylinder of gas all I need?
Well, you obviously need to buy balloons as well, and we have a wide variety in stock. If you are going to decorate a party or wedding, we recommend Qualatex pearlised balloons. We also have good quality (much better than supermarket brands) standard balloons for other occasions. You will also need 5mm ribbon which we sell in 500m rolls or in cut lengths. You can make your own balloons weights or choose from our selection. The pressure valve for the gas cylinder is included in the hire price.

How simple - is that all?
Well there are two more things to consider. Firstly, do you realise that you have to do the balloons just before the event? Definitely not the day before, not even early in the morning of the same day if you want the balloons to be floating to midnight. Float time for 12" balloons (and are you sure you've blown them all up to 12"?) is about 12-15 hours. Have you enough time to do the balloons and get ready for the big event? Secondly, it might seem easy if you have watched us blow up, knot balloons and attach ribbons, but we've had years of practice. If you've never done it before you might find it to be more difficult than you thought. Do you find tying balloons easy? Can you blow them all up to the correct size? How simple is it to tie ribbon onto the ribbon? Even if you're confident, please remember that it's likely to take longer than you first thought. You know it might be worth asking BallyHoo to do the balloons after all! Our prices are very reasonable. You can have confidence in us and avoid the worry and hassle of D-I-Y. And we have the expertise to offer lots of special balloon creations that can turn your event into something quite out of the ordinary.

BallyHoo Do It Yourself

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